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The Mission


Our mission is to promote creativity by sharing artfully brewed teas with the world. Icaro (Quechua:ikaro) is a magical song intended to create a profound state of healing, awareness, and amazement. We strive to honor this meaning by creating healthy sparkling teas made from the incredible plants our world has to offer.

Every can of Icaro is brewed from Organic, ethically sourced, loose-leaf teas. 

 We are proud to give 1% of sales to Living Classrooms to help fund Arts Education in our community. Living Classrooms mission is to disrupt the cycle of poverty and help our community become safer, stronger, and healthier by meeting individuals where they are and building skills for life.

We believe in the importance of building a society where people are encouraged to think differently and foster creativity. For us, the arts have always served as an incredible outlet of expression, and we want equitable access to the arts in schools.