Copy of The Story


Icaro Tea was, and continues to be, inspired by tradition and the Arts. 

Sergio first had yerba maté in 1998 as a child living in the mountain town of Urubamba, Peru. He was new to the town and   traveled into the market, via horseback, where he ran into a group of older kids. They were sitting in a circle and passing around a gourd. They invited him to join. He immediately felt a part of the group as they laughed, joked, and sipped yerba maté from the bombilla straw. He still remembers this experience fondly and was inspired by yerba maté’s ability to foster a sense of community.

  Adam first  experienced  bottled  yerba maté  (Tereré) in  2010 while  touring with  his band in  Heidelberg,  Germany. It  was their  first day in Europe and they were exhausted leading up to their second performance of the day. He asked if anyone had something with caffeine, and a Spanish bass player from another band handed him a bottle of yerba maté. He loved that he was getting energy from a natural source, and wanted to bring that experience home to the United States.

In 2019, they created Icaro to build a healthier community by sharing organic sparkling teas brewed from authentic ingredients.